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All you need to know about Expanded Mesh uses and strength

All you need to know about Expanded Mesh uses and strength

Expanded Mesh is quite frequently recommended by consultants and contractors across the globe for different kinds of projects. More frequently, it is used as a primary product in interior decor jobs. Expanded Mesh has a number of advantages and applications which will be discussed below:

Strong & Durable

Expanded mesh is a robust metal material. In terms of its mechanical strength, it can support even very heavy loads with the proper fixings and reinforcement.

It is a perfect solution for solid safety and protection barriers. Also, it can be used for fencing and parapets. Common finishes include Varnishing, Galvanizing and Anodizing to prolong its life.

Recyclable and Sustainable

Expanded Mesh supplied from Al Miqat is produced without the use of any pollutants and the production process has been designed keeping in mind the environment to ensure no waste is generated.

This product has a long life and can be easily disposed off and is 100% recyclable.

Configurable and Workable

Right selection of wire thickness and elastic structure can ensure correct transformation of expanded mesh with the help of cutting, welding, folding and curving.

Transparent – Light & Air

Apertures in Expanded Mesh can allow light to pass thus creating aesthetic appearances as well as supports communication in some environments. This advantage of expanded mesh allows its use in schools, offices and workplaces.

Open shape of expanded mesh enables its application in areas where ventilation is of importance such as parking building, server rooms etc.


Due to its three-dimensional conformation, Expanded Mesh is both transparent and provides shade. Hence it is used as a screening solution for the regulation of sunlight to maximize the amount of daylight.


Thanks to its harmonious geometry, expanded mesh is much appreciated by architects for high class out-fittings. Technical areas such as utility rooms, ecological stations need expanded mesh to be used as a barrier.

Low Cost

Since no waste is generated during the production process of expanded mesh, makes it a low cost investment as compared to perforated metal. The intrinsic structure of this mesh makes it lightweight and stronger at the same time.

At Al Miqat, we stock and supply a wide range of Expanded Mesh in Electro-Galvanized, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium materials in different sizes and thicknesses.

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