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Choosing the Right Height for your Fence


A fence is an important part of any property be it residential or commercial in nature. Not only does it provide security, but it also provides privacy and adds aesthetic appeal in most cases. Hence deciding the ideal height for your fence becomes on the most important factor in the overall process of fence installation. In this blog, we will discuss a few factors which will help users determine the ideal height for their fence.

Why choose right fencing:

Much before you start looking out for suppliers in the market and negotiate prices, it is important to understand what is the purpose of the fence being installed.

A fence to keep pets or animals inside the property (residential) may most likely require a smaller height – 4Ft to 6Ft approximately.

On the other hand, a fence which required protection from trespassing or where the application is for a sports complex – in such cases a bigger height is required – 8Ft to 10Ft approximately or even more.

Privacy in Fencing:

Privacy is one important factor while deciding the height of your fence. A taller fence is needed when privacy matters – approximately 6Ft to 7Ft.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Height of the fence can impact the overall appeal of the property. A too tall fence can block the view of the property and its landscape (residential) and a shorter fence can invite intruders.


A taller fence will generally cost more than a shorter fence due to material costs and installation charges. Hence it is important to weight down the pros and cons of each and decide what is best suited to your property whether residential or commercial.


Choosing the ideal fence height is a vital decision and requires careful consideration of various factors discussed above.

At Al Miqat, we not only manufacture the fence, but provide vital guidance to our clients with regards to height of the fence and other aspects. Our sales team can help to finalize the right height for your fence.

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