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DIY Tips: Installing a Chain Link Fence Like a Pro

Chain Link Fencing is one the most common perimeter security systems used across the word. Its lower costs compared to other types of fence and its ease of installation makes it an ideal choice for all types of users. This article will enlighten user with step-by-step guide on how to install chain link fence.

Glossary of Chain Link Fence:

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Estimating Your Area:

Prior to the actual installation it is very important to calculate the total area where the actual fence is needed by marking spots for posts. A common error while calculating the height of the fence is to ignore foundation beneath the fence.

Installing End Posts:

Using locally available tools dig a hole for each of the posts. Common used measurement in this regard is that the width of the hole should be 3 times that of the width of the post. On the other hand, length of the hole should be 1/3rd that of the overall length of the post. Once this is done, install your post in the hole and fill it with wet concrete and allow it to settle for a day.

Installing Intermediate Posts:

The process to install intermediate posts remains the same as described above for the end posts. However, a few points worth remembering here is that the height of this post will be the same as the mesh height. As a standard, keep a gap of 3Mtr between End Posts and each Intermediate Posts and use a string to make measurement correctly.

Tension Band and End Caps:

Next step is to cover the opening of each post with end caps and add tension bands. As a standard rule, use 1 tension band less than the height of the fence. For example, if the height of the fence is 6Ft then use 5 Tension Bands.

Use caps with loop in between for the Top rail to pass while use caps without loops at the ends for End Posts.

Installing Top Rail:

This step is quite simple and required rail bars to slide through the loops of caps. Connect each bar and tighten them using nut and bolts.

Installing Chain Link Mesh:

Hand your chain link mesh with the end posts passing by the intermediate posts. It is important to make sure a gap of about 2 inches is left at the bottom. Tie wires are used to attach the mesh with posts and top rail.

Use a stretcher bar on one end of the end posts to pull the mesh to make it tightened. Use nut and bolts and tension wire at the end to finish the installation.

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