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Increasing Security of Chain Link Fencing

Increasing Security of Chain Link Fencing

The most popular and widely utilised type of fence security system in the world is chain link fencing. We at Al Miqat have provided tens of thousands of feet annually for almost 20 years.

Even though chain link fencing is affordable, simple to construct, and long-lasting, there are a few security enhancements that may be made to make it a more effective barrier. We have put up a list of potential upgrades to your current chain link fencing to raise the level of security:

Understanding the Gauge

A variety of gauges, or wire diameters, are available for chain link fencing material. The wire gets thicker the lower the number. Thus, chain link fencing made of 6 gauge is significantly thicker than fabric made of 8 gauge, and 12 gauge is only appropriate for light residential applications.

Selection of Right Selvage

Selvage options for the cloth used in chain link fencing might vary. Fence panels used for home projects and public spaces that are 6′ high or less are often knuckle-knuckle, meaning that the wire ends at the top and bottom selvage are entirely bent over and hidden. It’s crucial for security.

In most circumstances, knuckle-barb or, in rare instances, barb-barb are used in the installation of chain link fence security fences. A “barb” is made by vertically twisting these selvages. This provides a small amount of added security when implemented properly.

Bottom Rail or Buried Mesh

Fences are not always broken down by scaling them. Some people decide to go beneath them. Your fence will become more difficult to alter by adding a bottom rail, which produces a stiff edge.

If adding a bottom rail to your chain link fence is not an option, burying a foot or two of mesh in the ground can act as an effective subsurface barrier and deter tiny burrowing creatures. While installing buried mesh does add to the labour required, it is much simpler to do so during the initial installation of the fence rather than after it has already been put in place.

Closer Posts

Although it is not a typical modification to chain link fences, you can think about spacing the posts closer together if you have any worries that someone might drive through the gap and cut the fence. Any location will be much more difficult to access if the posts are spaced apart by 7 or 8′.

Coils made of razor wire are excellent barriers and deterrents. However, barbed wire may be added to most fences, and 2 or 4 strands placed above a chain link fence provide a small amount of additional security. For further security, razor and barbed wire are more frequently utilised in government and military sites.

Different Aperture

Selecting a smaller aperture is one of the finest ways to improve security when erecting a chain link fence. Cutting and climbing the fence are more difficult with a smaller mesh aperture or opening.

Chain link fencing made of galvanised, hot-dipped, and PVC-coated galvanised materials is produced and supplied by Al Miqat Hardware. We have a sizable stock of common sizes that are used in numerous sectors and industries. In accordance with customer requests, we also offer sizes that are customised. Email us at or give us a call at +971 6 5664526 for more information about our goods and to speak with a sales professional.

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