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Outdoor Used of Galvanized Mesh

Galvanized mesh is made by dipping steel mesh into molten zinc. The process forms a zinc-steel alloy coating, which gives the material exceptional strength and weather resistance. As such, it’s a go-to for various outdoor projects.

In this article, lets us get to know a few outdoor uses of Galvanized Mesh.

What Is Galvanized Wire Mesh Used For?

Galvanized wire mesh can be used for many outdoor residential projects. These include fencing and enclosures, compost bins, pest control, gutter guards, chicken coops, tree guards, cloches and cages, trellises, garden arches, and gabions.

Fencing and Enclosures

Galvanized wire mesh panels can be used for garden fencing to keep pets and other curious nibblers out.

Compost Bins

If you have metal mesh sheets, tin snips, and some loose wire, you don’t need to buy a pre-made outdoor compost bin. You can make your own using more malleable mesh or secure four rigid galvanized screens together to create a square bin.

Pest Control

Hardware cloth can be used for a wide range of pest-control measures. You can also install screens over your foundation vents and soffits to keep critters out of your home.

Chicken Coops

Many assume chicken wire (also known as hex mesh) is the best option for chicken coops. However, it might not be durable enough to deter other predators. As it turns out, the galvanized variety is ideal for hen houses, thanks to its thick wire diameter and exceptional durability.

Cloches and Cages

Galvanized mesh is a go-to for gardeners, who often use the material to create vegetable cages and cloches. The latter is a dome-shaped cover that safeguards seedlings and sprouts from nibbling wildlife and curious pets.

Garden Arches

Arches can act as designated garden entrances or help frame in landscaping—but they offer more than just aesthetics. These vaulted structures can support various climbing plants.


Heavy-duty metal mesh is a key material for gabions. These stone-filled metal cages can be functional, decorative, or a little of both.

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