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Stainless Steel Wire as Piano Wire

Stainless Steel Piano Wire or also known as Spring Wire has a variety of interesting applications across various industries.

In fact, those who procure piano wire can benefit from its strength and durability for a number of applications. Below are 4 top interesting uses for piano wire globally:

  • Artwork and modeling
  • ¬†Fishing lures and bait
  • Orthodontic equipment and appliances
  • Handyman tasks

Why is piano wire so versatile and so well suited to a variety of applications? Piano wire has a very high tensile strength which enables it to effortlessly handle heavy demands.

It is important to know that piano wire does not just come in one strength and thickness. There are several categories of piano wire for you to consider as follows:

  • Hard Wire coils of 0.10 to 0.80mm
  • Hard Wire coils of 0.90mm to 1.50mm
  • Hard Wire coils of 1.60mm to 5.00mm

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