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Using Metal Mesh in Interior Design

Using Metal Mesh in Interior Design

Interior designers are always on the lookout for creative and inspirational approach to design a space. There is always a demand for creating an inviting space and upon inclusion of different applications; a character of a space can be completely transformed. In this aspect, there has been a rise in the usage of metal mesh in this industry. While materials such as Aluminium and Steel are generally made from recycled materials; it is their style and appearance that stands out in a project.

One of the key components of any interior design – school, restaurant or office is a metal mesh. This trend of using a wire mesh for interior works has been on the rise for more than a decade now. Using metal mesh does not only sound functional but it also adds character and aesthetic beauty to the space.

At Al Miqat, we stock a wide range of metal mesh in different materials like galvanized, carbon steel, epoxy coated, stainless steel etc and in multiple designs. Our products have been used in prestigious projects across the GCC market and have enabled designers to meet and exceed their expectations.


Metal meshes are versatile products and have multiple applications in interior design:

  1. Stair Railings for safety
  2. Radiator grills
  3. Partition Panels to separate large spaces
  4. Simple background application in external signs
  5. Smaller applications like cabinets etc.

Thus metal meshes not only protects certain areas in public space but also can be used to prevent objects from flying or crossing.

Besides the applications discussed above, designers also use metal mesh to cover walls, windows or ceilings. Wire mesh is an ideal solution for product display stands in showrooms and also serves as a dividing structure in restaurants, hotel lobby etc.


One of the key factors of using metal mesh is the choice of color used to keeping in mind that it does not corrode. Most commonly, powder coating is the cost-effective way to apply almost a unlimited range of colors to wire mesh – woven, expanded and perforated. In powder coating process, electrostatic charge is applied to evenly spread color powder across the surface of the mesh. Upon cooling, the metal mesh has colorful and durable coating that adds to the aesthetic appearance of the space.

We at Al Miqat supply metal mesh for both decorative and functional applications as discussed above in a wide range of apertures, designs and wire thicknesses. To learn more about our products and talk to one of our sales experts email us  – or call us at +971 6 5664526.

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