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Wire Mesh Safety Key

Wire Mesh as a product might not appeal to general mass due to its large size. However, Wire Mesh are today used as a primary product across the world for 3 important applications.

1. Security

Wire Meshes are used as a primary solution for perimeter security for business, lands, zoos, airports, bridges, highways, military areas, government structures etc to prevent trespassing. Wire Meshes along with side products like Concertina Razor and Barbed Wire can act like a perfect solution for any industry or application.

2. Concrete Reinforcement

Wire Meshes are used in construction sites for concrete reinforcement in walls of building and barriers. This ensures the strength and durability of the concrete to provide us better protection.

3. Filtration as Sieves

Wire Meshes are common product when it comes to filtering contaminants. We can provide wire mesh with filtering capabilities as low as 1 Micron. Wire Meshes are used to filter liquids, solids, gases etc.

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