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Hexagonal Wire Mesh Uses

Wire netting with hexagonal opening offers good ventilation and fencing uses. Hexagonal wire netting is made of twisting carbon steel wire, electro or hot dipped galvanized, then plastic coated, or plain.

It can be fabricated into gabions boxes – one of the most popular wire products for flood control. Then stones are put into it. Laying of gabions make a wall or bank against water and flood. Popularly used as fences after green coated, and costs can be reduced. In the past years, the hexagonal wire netting made of galvanized iron wire has been used in fences and construction reinforcement.


  • Strong ability to resist natural damage and resistance to corrosion and harsh weather effects.
  • Save transportation cost. It can be shrunk into small rolls and rolled into moisture-proof paper packaging, which takes up little space and is suitable for export.
  • Can withstand a wide range of deformation. And still not collapse.
  • It plays the role of fixed heat insulation.
  • Excellent technology base ensures the uniformity of plating thickness, stronger corrosion resistance, and its service life can reach 20 years.
  • Easy construction, no special technology required. Just lay the mesh surface flat in the wall and building cement and you can use it.


  • Chicken and duck raising, isolation of chicken and duck house, play a role in protecting poultry.
  • Frost protection, residential protection, landscaping protection .
  • Protect and support the seawall, hillside, road and bridge and other water and wood projects, etc.
  • Power plants, chemical plants tie pipes, boilers to keep warm, insulation.
  • Building wall fixing, heat preservation, heat insulation.

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