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Top Tips for Maintaining Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

Top Tips for Maintaining Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh material is the most common and the most used type of mesh amongst all wire mesh categories. It is not only used in industrial, construction, transportation, and mining applications but also widely used in fencing applications. These types of wire meshes are not completely maintenance-free hence certain preventive measures can help ensuring better life and usage for the wire meshes.

Removing the Rust

Welded Wire Mesh when galvanized can reduce the tendency to rust. However, due to environmental factors as well as others, at times, the wire mesh gets rusted and requires some measures to remove them. A good quality wire mesh when gently used on the effected flat surface can help remove the rust. When we are dealing with wire mesh, there are always corners or decorative elements where wire brush cannot be used. Hence, it needs to be sanded off with an abrasive material like sandpaper. Certain rust remover chemicals which contain phosphoric acid also help in removing rust. However, care should be taken in checking the exact application procedures. Also it is recommended not use these chemicals in unventilated or enclosed spaces.

Giving colour to your welded mesh structure can not only prolong its life but also enhance its look and appearance. Using an oil-based paint formulation is essential while doing this step. Using an ordinary spray paint is an option only when the area of usage is very small or sectional. The paint used, is the primary defense for the mesh against the elements and hence a thick coating is required. For smaller micro jobs, using a traditional paint brush and can is also a viable option.

Removing Plants

When vines and shrubs get too close to the welded mesh structure they can absorb moisture. This can eventually lead to rust and corrosion. Moreover, overgrown areas make problematic area unnoticeable to the staff and hence repair jobs can be delayed. Hence routinely removing shrubs and trees or maintaining its adequate level by trimming should become a process rather than a necessity while managing your welded mesh.

Cleaning the Metal

Once rust has been brushed off using wire brushes and chemical has been applied to remove residue, it is important to clean the metal before going for any paint jobs or further modifications. One the most commonly used technique in this regard is to wipe the area with a cloth soaked in mineral spirits.

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