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What Makes Welded Mesh More Secure Than Other Fencing Materials

What Makes Welded Mesh More Secure Than Other Fencing Materials

If you research on the internet, scroll through multiple pages in a bid to find a solution for your fence requirement, you will end up learning that most companies offer fence systems which are predominantly made out of Welded Wire Mesh.

Al Miqat Hardware has been supplying quality welded wire mesh panels which have been used in fence systems for a very long time. In this article we shall learn more about why this type of fence is more popular and preferred as compared to other options available in the market.


It would be a very generic statement to make that Welded Wire Mesh is more secure. While in most cases this will be true, however, a number of factors of the fence are critical in justifying the security aspect of this type of fence.

Wire Diameter:- is a very critical component in any type of wire mesh. As a general rule, the thinner the wire diameter, the easier it becomes to cut. Recommended wire diameter for your fence is 4mm-6mm. However we customize our products as per clients requirements.

Mesh Opening (Aperture):- Designing a fence system with an ideal opening is another critical element. The bigger the opening, the easier it becomes to pass by tools and equipments or even climb over. Narrow aperture, even if costlier, provides ideal security solution.

Width (Height):- Lastly the height of the fence also determines the level of its security provided. The lower the height, the easier it may become to climb. It is always recommended a higher height for the fence such that climbing over can be eliminated. Moreover, installing barbed or concertina razor wire above the fence can also further strengthen the fence security.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Wire mesh fencing is manufactured in 2 primary forms – Welded and Woven type. Woven type fence systems might be easier to cut through and hence are less popular. In comparison, welded type fence are very hard to navigate as each wire needs to be cut individually. Hence it can take more time to cut this type of fence and hence offers more security.

Other Fencing Options

While we are always advising our clients to install Welded Wire Mesh for their fence systems, we also provide Chain Link Fencing as alternative options. This type of fence is more popular in the lower price segment. Just like any other fence, chain link fence can be customized with multiple aperture sizes, wire diameter, height, length and even colors. We can supply a wide range of colors in this type of fence based on the project requirements.

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