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Top Uses of Wire Mesh in Agriculture and Farming

Top Uses of Wire Mesh in Agriculture and Farming

Agricultural and Farming land owner’s have always required solutions to fence their property to avoid any damage to crop. These include protecting the area from intruders, securing animals and preventing them from roaming around the area and also securing storage areas from the reach of unauthorized personal.

Wire Mesh fencing is one of the most sought after solution for these needs. Al Miqat Hardware has been in the business of providing such solutions to farm owners for close to 2 decades. Our solutions are customized to the individual needs of each property owner.

Some of the benefits of using Wire Mesh as fencing for your agriculture land include:

Safety to Animal

Wire mesh is strong enough to keep animals safe and confined in an area while ensuring that they do not feel cramped or contained. The aperture and wire diameter of fence for this application is small such that the animals can reach out for food even when they are confined. Also the small aperture of the fence ensures the animal does  not get entangled.

Protection of Crop

Ideal and the most important application of wire mesh in agricultural application is confinement. They are used to protect crop from intruders and unauthorized access. Day-to-day maintenance tasks can still be done by farmers from the perimeter of the fence such as spraying pesticides or watering the crop.

These fences also help protect the crop from larger animals that may enter and cause any damage.

Vertical Garden

As metropolitan cities are getting more and more crowded with towers, malls and other infrastructures; governments have started investing in vertical farming which serves dual purpose of both farming as well and offers aesthetic appearance to cities. Wire mesh is used in vertical garden to avoid produce from falling off the ledge. Wire mesh panels can be used as hanging gardens and vineyards. Another application for wire mesh in this category is for flooring and slats.


Greenhouses have always been used in traditional farming space. However, they are becoming more and more popular in urban gardens and farms. Greenhouses are used to create a special environment for specific plants and crops.

Wire meshes are of critical importance in greenhouses as they offer ventilation advantage within the created environment. The aperture in wire mesh helps the plants to receive natural sunlight and air thus enabling them to nurture and grow.


There are many types of fences which can be used in agriculture and farming. However wire meshes provide an advantage as they are easy to install, repair and maintain. Wire meshes are available in Electro-Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Aluminium materials. Galvanized wire mesh is usually preferred for greenhouse and farms while Stainless Steel and Aluminium are preferred for borders

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